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As spring is all around,  I am in the mood of cleaning and redecorating my place. So this time I decided to change the whole build! He he lucky me I have found the perfect summer home! Where? Well at April round of Kustom and it was created by my friend Serab! I poked my bestie to come over and spend an evening showing her my new cozy place 😀 Trust me my fashionistas, You need to go and check it out before is gone till 15th of May! I am willing to share all the details further below hehe ! Smootches and enjoy ❤

Arms of a woman

What I wear:

  • Zenith: Spring Causal shirt with short (#B) available @ Kustom9 (New)
  • YumYum: Hair barberyumyum72XV |brown @ Mainstore

My pose is again by Addme  – Pose#087(GSit )bx 087-1 can be found at POSE FAIR till 29th April (New)

My friend:

  • Dead Dollz: PoisPois Dress 1
  • Tableau Vivant: Spring curls 3 – Browns | Gacha
  • Tableau Vivant: Lillies on hair | Gacha

All can be found  @ Bloom event (New)

  • Vexiin: Luxor Diamond watch available @ mainstore
  • Lode: Hand accessories -Freesia White |Gacha @ main store


Scene Deco:

  • Concept:  Alaquer House | Rare
  • Concept: Alaquer bed PG | Rare
  • Concept: Alaquer  Awning Open
  • Concept: Alaquer Pouf
  • Concept: Alaquer Carpets
  • Concept: Alaquer Bench
  • Concept: Alaquer Lamps Large
  • Concept: Alaquer Lamps Small
  • Concept: Alaquer Sun Watch

All are Gacha items and can be found at Kustom9 till 10th of May (New)

Snapshot_068 copy close

  • Lode: Decor Forsythia Frame I RARE
  • Lode: Decor – Forsythia Frame II RARE
  • Lode: Decor – Forsythia Vase (New)

Gacha items @ Bloom event 

  • C L A Vv. : Light Studio – Tangled Lights w/ Curtain | Gacha @ main store
  • Miwa’s airship: Hanging fern pot @ main store
  • Miwa’s airship: Daisy pot @ main store
  • Miwa’s airship: Embossed book @ main store
  • Concept: Visual. Lamp Small | Gacha @ main store
  • Concept: Visual  Rope Curtain @ main store
  •  Sway’s:  Birdcage Wall art Candle holder | copper
  • 8f8: Unexpected Journey – Bon Voyage CAGE – His
  • 8f8:  La Petite Joie Cafe – Sugar and Milk Set | Gacha

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Give me a reason

Smootches my Fashionistas !!!

Today I am having a really lazy mood. Spring is all over and is hot !!! Finally, I can not wait for summer to come enjoying every single warm day  🙂 So this time I laid on my new wooden Bench I have set on my veranda, made myself a strawberry smooth and honestly I do not plan to move my arse from that spot… Don’t you think I am right? Just give me a reason why I should 😛

Enjoy your day and for more details about my styling just read further down ❤


  • Kitja x Parker: Tasha shorts jeans regular package
  • Kitja x Parker : Tasha Bra regular color
  • Kitja x Parker: Tasha Top Grey regular color
  • Mithral: Oats Hair ( dark brown)
  • Kunst: Dog-tags Necklace (there is also male version)
  • Attic: Round Wooden Bench
  • Zerkalo: Pillow Quotes (gacha) 50l per play
  • Tentacio: Need a drink (Gacha) Strawberry smooth.There are not rares at this gacha

All can be found at Kustom9 till 10th of May  (NEW)

  • Phedora: Lilly Heels Green
  • Alme: Shades of Pink nails appliers for Maitreya, slink, Belleza, Vista pro hands, Tuty & Omega

Both can be found at Tres Chic till 10th of May (NEW)

My pose is again by Addme  – Pose#090(single-GSit/Lay ) 090-1 can be found at POSE FAIR till 29th April (NEW)

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Hello my Fashionistas ❤

Happy Easter to all the ones that celebrate it and Happy relaxing holidays to the rest !

April and wooow what is going on in sl !!!! So many fairs, events new and regular… Honestly, I have lost counting ! I need to keep in a truck so this post is mostly about Kustom 9 new round, which is fantastic !! I have visited the lovely Netherwood  for my photos, and it allows you to rez for a fee of 150 l. 😄

Kustom april far copy

My style :

  • Genesis Lab: Paula skin applier cappucino, Gacha 99L per play
  • Blues: Saphira hair Naturals Hud 1
  • Momento:  Zipper Heel boots black
  • Kibitz: Rae rings -silver for vista hands

All can be found at Kustom9 April round till 10th of May (New)

My pose is by [addme], Pose 089-4 stand can be found at Pose Fair  till 29th of April

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Something in red

Hello my Fashionistas  🙂

This time is all about this dress by Kiddo. When I have seen the advert I found it really smexy and different. It combines spring with waterproof 😉  As I love flowers, this was one item that was a MUST have into my pixel wardrobe ❤

Snapshot_055a copy

What I wear:

  • Dead Dollz: Rainy Day Dress
  • Opale x Fame Femme: Daryl Hair & Cap

Both can be found @ The Liaison Collaborative

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Je m’appelle Coco

Hello my Fashionistas ❤

Is spring time and the nature in rl even in sl too is blooming !! What can I say .. .where should I start. Spring is for me one of the nicest times of the season. I love anything that has to do with flowers, blooming trees , the smell of the nature. Creators in sl are really inspired this time of season. I wish I had lots of time and could create as many photos and blog posts I could for all !!! Cause all deserve it !! My name inspiration for this photo , came to my mind instantly , as I was watching Fofina all styling up with a sense of romance… so I thought something in French would suite it right … Again I hope you  like it as much as I do ❤

Snapshot_042A copy copy

What I wear :


  • Lode : Head Accessory – Wild Sakura Wreath |apple (Gacha)
  • Lode : Head Accessory – Wild Sakura Butterflies blue (Gacha)
  • Pr!tty : Hair |Anna  -Secret base |Soft
  • Minimal: Cmore Glasses |gacha
  • Lotus: Amelia Skin Gacha

All can be found @ The Chapter Four until 21st of April


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Hello my Fashionistas ❤

So …. my rl is crazy at the moment, but as most of us (ladies) I am always trying to multitask and be in time. My pc broke and I had to send it to Athens to get it fixed, but as I am always say … “Everything happens for a reason” !!! I try never give up, so…. I take things as they come. Smootches and enjoy your week ❤

Snapshot_036 copya copy copy

What I wear :

  • Amitomo:  Focus on me Gacha Hair | Rare 1
  • Kibitz :  Minty | Silver Bracelet
  • Kunst : Vintage Cigarette Holder
  • E.Marie: Throwback Bracelet 3 – Rose Gold
  • Kirin: Pose Chika

All can be found at Kustom9 till 10th of April !! (NEW)

  • Rust Republic: Meep -Meep jeans grey
  • Rust Republic: Meep -Meep  top black
  • Modish: Tria Chocker

All can be found at Tres Chic till 10th of April !! (NEW)

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You got me singing

Hello, my fashionistas! Finally weekend and this morning I had “MY” time. I took out my portable Vinyl stereo, put some music on and enjoyed my morning! My life has so much stress, that is in need to find even two hours a Saturday morning in order top relax, sing and actually doing nothing, you should try it too ! Smootchess ❤

Snapshot_018a copy copy

What I wear:

  • Lowen:       Metallic top (Black)
  • Pumpkin: Sheer Stripe Leggings
  • Mina:         June ( comes with a hud that changes the hairstyle)
  • Kunst:       Vintage Cigarette Holder

All can be found @ Kustom9, March round til the 10th of April (New)

  • Zafair: Zebra Safari Jewell
  • Mosquito’s Way:  Sabrina  shoes

Both can be found @ Tres Chic, March round til the 10th of April (New)

Decor :

  • Haikei: Forever Yours – Gacha clothing rank
  • Haikei: Forever Yours – Gacha wall posters
  • Haikei: Forever Yours – Gacha Nightstand
  • Soy + Toro: Unplugged Fan

All can be found @ Kustom9, March round til the 10th of April (New)

  • C L A Vv. Light Studio: Light Rug  ( part of gacha) @ mainstore
  • Bueno: Vintage Pop Stereo ( part of gacha) @ mainstore
  • Scarlet Creative: The Arcade Mar 17 Cordelia Armchair Artist

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