La piscine

Waves to all my favorite fashionistas !!!

Indeed time goes by so fast and here we all are .. almost at the end of the summer. When August is coming, I  do get a bit of melancholic, even if i know that i do enjoy fall time too but summer time is never enough !! Thank god of the interior swim pools that giving us the chance to swim even when the weather is not so warm anymore 🙂 I know i shouldn’t start thinking of winter just yet … but schools are opening soon and once again we all have lovely summer memories to share and laugh once the winter is here, but for now, if you like my styling check the details below ❤

What I wear :

  • AGATA MODE: Jane tops and pants
  • KIBITZ: High ring set for Maitreya hands
  • SAGA: Fayne Face Jewels
  • KIRIN POSES: Rika Pose Set includes 6 poses, bento compatible,

All can be found @ Kustom9 August round until 10th of September (New)

  • TRAM: tram Hair Gacha G0729  RARE  @ Pocket Gacha
  • S.E.: Tropical Fashion Lipglossy Ver.10 available at the cosmetic fair event – 15th August 


  • DAHLIA: Flora Sunglasses
  • NANIKA:  Marisa tattoo Black tone



Both can be found at Tres Chic August round until 10th of September (New)


Sunny Beach

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Hello my SL Fashionistas !!!!

We have reached already mid-summer and the heat is in RED alarm.  The best way to overcome the heat is …. what else …. Be at the beach !! SL is full of summer sims and lovely places, so I took my friend and we decided to spend the whole weekend at the beach side !! Come over next time and join us, trust me Summer time is Beach time ❤

sunny beach correct


What I wear:

  • Miss Chelsea:  SHS Bee Swimsuit RARE
  • Miss Chelsea: SHS Bee Visor Black
  • Miss Chelsea: SHS Bee Kneepads
  • Miss Chelsea: SHS Bee’s Necklace Feeling Myself

All are exclusives gachas by Miss  Chelsea for the Epiphany !! (New)

  • Tetra: Orange Hair @ Hairfair
  • Legal Insanity: West sunglasses
  • Mynx: Beach Beads starfish – Rare
  • Belle PosesNancy 3 with surfboard prop


sunny beach_011 copy

What Mellow wear:

  • American Bazaar:  Ariel Bikini (rainbow)
  • Since1975: Unicorn Queen Sunglasses
  • ILLI: Bohemian Backpack Blue (Gacha item)
  • Maxi Gossamer: Kalistar Collar
  • Luane Pose: Summer Loving – Boat prop

All can be found at July round of Tres Chic starting on 17th  (New)

  • Tram: D802 hair creamyellow
  • Sway’s: Sandia Beach Bag
  • Bee Designs: Summer Days Gacha Lifeguard tower RARE



As time goes by

Recently I had my 8th rez day … Honestly, time goes by so fast, it really seems like yesterday to me. Time flies in both lives … since my first day in so as a newbie till now, I have met lots of people and I do have lots of memories. Good and not so good things happened to me along this way, but that’s life and after all none is perfect. I love SL and mostly the inspiring creativity of many in this world. Yes there were times I wanted to give up on so but I never did so far, and not planning to do it as long as i have my close friends in here and what else my inspirations ❤


What I am wearing:

  • AMITOMO – My boom from Gacha RARE  @ Mainstore
  • UNITED COLORS  – Keiko trousers @ Uber (New)
  • FLITE –  Gemini Lowtops @ N21  (New)
  • FLITE – Slouchy Bag gray  Gacha @ Mainstore
  • CHAIN – Mona Choker @ TCF (New)
  • TRAM – G0215 hair @ Uber  (New)
  • ZOOM – Fortune Necklace @ Tres Chic  (New)

My skin is from INSOL  | Valerie for catwa heads and can be found at Tres Chic til 1oth of March

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The red shirt

The other day I had visited the shop of AGATA. A friend of mine had a lovely cardigan on, and i wanted to added in my huge gardrobe .. winks we never have enough 😛 As i was visiting the shop searching for the gardingan, I found this amazing and smexy shirt … gosh again I had spend all my lindens.. I am telling you, is a must have item ❤

What I am wearing :

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My Oh My !!!

… and after partying all night long for the new years’s, i had decided to go back home.. which i was not ready for or aware, was that outside was rainning cats and dogs !! Thank god my friend gave me an umbrella but… till i had arrived at my home I was totally wet … Oh well i just hope i will not catch a cold ❤

What I am wearing :

  • MOWIE – Ivana dress black  comesin 10 colors and is only for Maitreya bodies
  • TITZUKI -Secession Shoulder fur /grey color ( only sold with fat pack)
  • THE OAK –  Mindy Stiletto

All can be found @ Tres Chic til 10th of January


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