Own who you are …

Hey Sweeties ❤

When I was a child, I was lucky enough to have my parents teaching me how to stand on my own two feet. I remember my father telling me, to never wait for someone’s help, and never delay something that should have been done .. yesterday. Never allow anyone to tell me that I deserve or can do less of what I have or want to do. I think is very important not let anyone set you down if you let someone bulling you do not mean he/she is better or stronger than you, you are also capable to stand up tall and simply prove that you are far better than them… and trust me if you have patience and believe yourself  everything can happen ❤

Love who you are

What I wear :

  • AGATA: Samantha outfit Black with white short dress
  • N-CORE: Ella High thigh boots black
  • SPIRIT SKINS: Dara porcelain | RARE| Gacha ( the freckles are not included)

All can be found @ Kustom9 Nov round until 10th of December ( New)

  • OPALE: Kirsty hair  |light blond @ main store
  • BAUHAUS MOVEMENT:  LeSix Strings | Gold @ the Main store
  • MVD: Bolero Clutch Sliver | Grey @ Tres Chic until 10th of December ( New)
  • S.E.: Balada lipstick catwa @ Powderpack November ( New)
  • Paparazzi: Apartment Fire Escape – blue+aqua @ Limit8  | 18th Nov ( New)




Not every Witch lives in Salem…

So my lovelies IS Halloween for the most of you ( not here in Greece though ). Happy Halloween to all of you that celebrates !!! In order to “fit” myself in this celebration here at SL, I have chosen some items from the Birthday round of Kustom9. Scroll a bit down for more details and do not forget that if you want to get also the Birthday goodies there, you need to pay 9 Lindens !!! I think for 9 L is so worthing getting them !! So have fun ❤


My style :

  • Zenith: Witch dress Black | Gacha | Rare
  • Momento x Astralia: Vintage witch Heels and Stockings
  • Saga: My Deer Flower Band & Horns
  • Random Matter: Zico earring black

All can be found @ Kustom9, October round until 10th of November (New)

  • Insol: Lily catwa skin applier | Halloween gift
  • Monso: Inny hair @ Sanarane (New)
  • S.E.: Lipstick for Catwa | Spell on you @ the main store(New)
  • Mac Design: Tattoo

Whatever you decide to do, make sure it make you happy<3

Miss Chelsea has created a perfect autumn/winter outfit for October round @ Uber. The sweater comes with an inner shirt and it has a hud that you can choose what type of shirt you want inside the sweater. I must admit that this round of Uber, at least for me, is awesome !! For my current blog post, I had chosen to take the photo at the Isle of Serendipity. I am sure most of you know about it, but I had also to mention it as the atmosphere created there is perfect for autumn photos. Wanna know more about my style? Just scroll a bit further and ….my dear Fashionistas and friends, never forget that “whatever you decide to do, make sure it makes you happy” ❤



What I wear :

  • Miss Chelsea:  Brea set (skirt and sweater)
  • Friday: Holly Socks  ( coffee pack)

Both can be found @ Uber, October round (New)


Do what you want

Hello, my lovely fashionistas !!

October is here and the whole sl is fill up with Halloween items! Well, at least at this post you will not find any 😛 New rounds for all the monthly sl fashion events and I had picked up a few items from Kustom9 and Tres Chic to show you off 🙂 I need to mention that I am in LOVE with the new hair release made by Doux for Tres Chic, I have it on for the last 3 days 😉 If you looking for sexy and vogue style hair, this one is for you.

All in all and just to close up this blog post, as I choose for my blog title, is very important to do what you want in your life and also what you like so you can always be happy! Enjoy every minute and every day and try to be happy and kind to each other! Smootches ❤

phedoraa_002 far

My style:

  • PSEUDO: Vicky Denim top Pink
  • SEUL: Unraveled Denim Shorts

Both can be found at Kustom9 until 10th of November (New)

  • DOUX: Lee Hairstyle
  • PHEDORA: Ginger Boots
  • CODEX: Penny Glove
  • DAHLIA: Madison Choker
  • S.E.: Candice skin (Beige)
  • ALME: Glam Net ( Black Nails)

All can be found at Tres Chic until 10th of November (New)

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Always be you

Good evening my lovely fashionistas ❤

Today I was watching a TV show in rl that was about relationships. It was about a couple that a third person came between them ( not something we haven’t heard before). The third person was, of course, her BBF. When she had an accident and she was in the hospital for a quite long time, her partner and her friend came closer…She found out by accident, as most of the time happens, and we all know the result… end of the relationship. Time passed by and as we say, in your life, you always take what you give, he had ended his relationship with her BBF and he wanted to get back to her. She was smiling and she said, that this chapter of her life has closed down, she had suffered lots, but now she is ready to move on and meet someone new, after all, if you believe in yourself and who you really are, is a matter of time to find someone that will bring the sunshine in your life. If you believe in you and always be you, be sure that things in your life will get better in every aspect<3

Always be you

  • OSMIA: Sport line pants
  • AMITOMO: Outside gacha Jacket (RARE)
  • AMITOMO: Outside gacha hanging shoes

All can be found @ Kustom9 August round until 10th of October  (New)

  • TRUTH: Athena VIP sept group gift hair





Bad at Love

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Smootches to all of my lovely SL Fashionistas !!!!

As I was trying to unpack all my lovely sponsors and friends boxes, I run into the last gacha creation made by Sintiklia. The name of the gacha is “Cute Girl” but my hat says “Bad”…. Winks as I love hats in general, I had to put it on instantly !!! Not sure if I succeed to create a short of “Bad” Girl look but I had really enjoyed it and I hope you like it also ❤

Bad at Love _Close

My style :

  • SYS: Taj dress | Balck / Red available @ Tres Chic until 10th of Sept (New)
  • ZOOM: Fortune Necklace
  • MOWIE:  Kasia Choker
  • SINTIKLIA: Hair and Cap | “Cute Girl” Gacha @ TCF   (New)
  • LOTUSEmotivi Eyes  older Gacha Rare
  • CATWA: Lilo Bento Head
  • S.E.: Lipstick Beaute Collection for Catwa
  • LE POPPYCOCK: Cyber flirting pose @ TCF   (New)




Friends for Life

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Hello sl fashionistas !!


Today I and my BBF came together after our summer holidays and spend some time together. I had invited her to catch up a bit. This girl, I know her like forever !! Is very important that we have in our lives one, two friends that we can truly trust. She is one of them, as I had confessed to you at one of my older posts,  some people meant to be in your life and there is no borders or distance that make any difference. A true friend will always be there for you,  no matter if it only a voice at the other side of the telephone or a warm hug when you are in need ❤


Long Lasting Friendship close


Styling details  on me :

  • KITJA: Ginger top and ginger shorts
  • ARISKEA: [Kezia] Chair Yellow Pattern
  • BLACK BANTAM: I ❤ You Panda Heart Balloon RARE
  • S.E.: Drama Queen Lips (Catwa)  @ main store

All can be found @ Kustom9 August round until 10th of September (New)

  • STEALTHIC : Hair | Sensual @  Collabor88
  • TOUCHIC:  Delilah Necklace & Delilah Choker @ Limit8
  • BAUHAUS MOVEMENT: Sisters pose @ main store

My friend wear :

  • TRUTH: Hair Elie – VIP August group gift @ main store
  • KITJA x PARKER : Fran Top PINK @ main store
  • BLUEBERRY: Grace Pants @ main store
  • OSMIA : Aloha.Gacha.Turtle – On the Hand
  • VEXIIN: Luxor diamond watch (rose) @ main store


  • CHEZ MOI: Porch Swing  Rosewood @ Limit8
  • ARISKEA: [Kezia] Chair Yellow Pattern  @ Kustom9
  • PEWPEW: Gold Hearts Planter @ main store
  • LODE: Head Accessory – Flying Forsythia & Butterflies

I´ve Got Dreams To Remember

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Hello, everyone ❤

My current inspiration came out of a skin applier made by Mudskin and an amazing prop pose made by wetcat. So the result of this photo came up as an unpleasant real life or even sl situation. Sometimes things do not always go as we are dreaming of… There is an expression that says: ” When people make rl plans … god is laughing at them”. Is true, very true indeed, but we all need these dreams, so we stay alive and always hoping for the best.. even when something is going totally wrong, then we always need to keep with us the good memories and as I have chosen as a title for this post: ” We have got dreams to remember”. To all my friends rl and sl that this time of their lives is broken … never give up and remember that everything happens for a reason ❤

I´ve Got Dreams To Remember

My style :

  • CAMEO6ixx: Mia Lace-Dress  – Brown
  • PSEUDO: Leo Leather Jacket Pink
  • PHEDORA:  Zaidee Platforms
  • BEUSAME//BEUSY: Eli Hairstyle Gacha _ common
  • MUDSKIN: Mina – Catwa skin applier

All can be found @ Kustom9 August round until 10th of September (New)


  • SUPERNATURAL:  Romance Set Necklace
  • WETCAT: “Buzzz” Urban Prop

Both can be found at Tres Chic August round until 10th of September (New)



La piscine

Waves to all my favorite fashionistas !!!

Indeed time goes by so fast and here we all are .. almost at the end of the summer. When August is coming, I  do get a bit of melancholic, even if i know that i do enjoy fall time too but summer time is never enough !! Thank god of the interior swim pools that giving us the chance to swim even when the weather is not so warm anymore 🙂 I know i shouldn’t start thinking of winter just yet … but schools are opening soon and once again we all have lovely summer memories to share and laugh once the winter is here, but for now, if you like my styling check the details below ❤

What I wear :

  • AGATA MODE: Jane tops and pants
  • KIBITZ: High ring set for Maitreya hands
  • SAGA: Fayne Face Jewels
  • KIRIN POSES: Rika Pose Set includes 6 poses, bento compatible,

All can be found @ Kustom9 August round until 10th of September (New)

  • TRAM: tram Hair Gacha G0729  RARE  @ Pocket Gacha
  • S.E.: Tropical Fashion Lipglossy Ver.10 available at the cosmetic fair event – 15th August 


  • DAHLIA: Flora Sunglasses
  • NANIKA:  Marisa tattoo Black tone



Both can be found at Tres Chic August round until 10th of September (New)


Red Corridor

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Hello my sweet Fashionistas !!!

I am so amazed by the last creation of  Miss Chelsea !! This Jacket is simply A M A Z I N G !! If you ask me is a “must have” item for rock and punk nights and parties !! It comes with a pair of  leggings and the safety pins can change colors ! Not to forget to mention the pair of  shoes by Chichicca and my new hair style hair by fabulous Iconic ! If you like what you see check for more details below !

Smootches to you all ❤

Red_1 close bw copy


What I wear:

  • Miss Chelsea :  Sidd Vest Maitreya Twilight
  • Miss Chelsea : Sidd Leggings Maitreya Twilight

Can be found at Rewind already open since the 10th August (New)

  • Iconic :  KAYLA new stylish release @ mainstore (New)
  • ChicChica: Cassidy shoes @ Collabor88 birthday round (New)
  • Nanika: Clarissa Tattoo @ ON9  (New)
  • Chain: Chloe Necklace @ Mainstore
  • Bauhaus Movement: Music To Piss You OFF! @ mainstore
  • Studio Exposure:  Hugme Lipgloss 03 catwa version @ mainstore