Own who you are …

Hey Sweeties ❤

When I was a child, I was lucky enough to have my parents teaching me how to stand on my own two feet. I remember my father telling me, to never wait for someone’s help, and never delay something that should have been done .. yesterday. Never allow anyone to tell me that I deserve or can do less of what I have or want to do. I think is very important not let anyone set you down if you let someone bulling you do not mean he/she is better or stronger than you, you are also capable to stand up tall and simply prove that you are far better than them… and trust me if you have patience and believe yourself  everything can happen ❤

Love who you are

What I wear :

  • AGATA: Samantha outfit Black with white short dress
  • N-CORE: Ella High thigh boots black
  • SPIRIT SKINS: Dara porcelain | RARE| Gacha ( the freckles are not included)

All can be found @ Kustom9 Nov round until 10th of December ( New)

  • OPALE: Kirsty hair  |light blond @ main store
  • BAUHAUS MOVEMENT:  LeSix Strings | Gold @ the Main store
  • MVD: Bolero Clutch Sliver | Grey @ Tres Chic until 10th of December ( New)
  • S.E.: Balada lipstick catwa @ Powderpack November ( New)
  • Paparazzi: Apartment Fire Escape – blue+aqua @ Limit8  | 18th Nov ( New)




Not every Witch lives in Salem…

So my lovelies IS Halloween for the most of you ( not here in Greece though ). Happy Halloween to all of you that celebrates !!! In order to “fit” myself in this celebration here at SL, I have chosen some items from the Birthday round of Kustom9. Scroll a bit down for more details and do not forget that if you want to get also the Birthday goodies there, you need to pay 9 Lindens !!! I think for 9 L is so worthing getting them !! So have fun ❤


My style :

  • Zenith: Witch dress Black | Gacha | Rare
  • Momento x Astralia: Vintage witch Heels and Stockings
  • Saga: My Deer Flower Band & Horns
  • Random Matter: Zico earring black

All can be found @ Kustom9, October round until 10th of November (New)

  • Insol: Lily catwa skin applier | Halloween gift
  • Monso: Inny hair @ Sanarane (New)
  • S.E.: Lipstick for Catwa | Spell on you @ the main store(New)
  • Mac Design: Tattoo

Whatever you decide to do, make sure it make you happy<3

Miss Chelsea has created a perfect autumn/winter outfit for October round @ Uber. The sweater comes with an inner shirt and it has a hud that you can choose what type of shirt you want inside the sweater. I must admit that this round of Uber, at least for me, is awesome !! For my current blog post, I had chosen to take the photo at the Isle of Serendipity. I am sure most of you know about it, but I had also to mention it as the atmosphere created there is perfect for autumn photos. Wanna know more about my style? Just scroll a bit further and ….my dear Fashionistas and friends, never forget that “whatever you decide to do, make sure it makes you happy” ❤



What I wear :

  • Miss Chelsea:  Brea set (skirt and sweater)
  • Friday: Holly Socks  ( coffee pack)

Both can be found @ Uber, October round (New)


Best friends make the good times better and the hard times easier <3

At the 15th of October, the Birthday round of Kustom9 has started. I had asked, once again, the help of my close friend, creating this post. She is always willing to help me when in need and I can not be more grateful for this. So in this blog post, you will find a mix and match items mostly from Kustom9 and a bit of TresChic. Featuring: United Colors, Beusy, David Heather, The Oak, Kaithleen’s, N-Core, Ilaya, Letituier and much more ❤

home_005 test

On me:

  • United Colors: Spider Net Dress
  • Beusy: Blair Hair
  • N-Core: Sonia high heels
  • Spirit: Spirit skin | sand for catwa heads
  • DH: Elta Bracelet | Gold

All of them can be found at Kustom9 until 10th of November ❤ (NEW)

  • Kaithleen’s: Thunder Bodice (Gacha item) available @ Epiphany
  • Ilaya: Esme Leather/ metal
  • Alme: Glam Net | Black nails

Both can be found @ Tres Chic until 10th of November (NEW)

My friend:

  • The Oak: Nera Dress
  • Seven:  GG Waist Bag – Black
  • Lelituier: Klhoe Hair
  • Denver’s: Chloe shape for Lelutka

All can be found @ Tres Chic until 10th of November (NEW)



Do what you want

Hello, my lovely fashionistas !!

October is here and the whole sl is fill up with Halloween items! Well, at least at this post you will not find any 😛 New rounds for all the monthly sl fashion events and I had picked up a few items from Kustom9 and Tres Chic to show you off 🙂 I need to mention that I am in LOVE with the new hair release made by Doux for Tres Chic, I have it on for the last 3 days 😉 If you looking for sexy and vogue style hair, this one is for you.

All in all and just to close up this blog post, as I choose for my blog title, is very important to do what you want in your life and also what you like so you can always be happy! Enjoy every minute and every day and try to be happy and kind to each other! Smootches ❤

phedoraa_002 far

My style:

  • PSEUDO: Vicky Denim top Pink
  • SEUL: Unraveled Denim Shorts

Both can be found at Kustom9 until 10th of November (New)

  • DOUX: Lee Hairstyle
  • PHEDORA: Ginger Boots
  • CODEX: Penny Glove
  • DAHLIA: Madison Choker
  • S.E.: Candice skin (Beige)
  • ALME: Glam Net ( Black Nails)

All can be found at Tres Chic until 10th of November (New)

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The power to feel free

Hello, my lovelies fashionistas !!

Today I take time to show you a drop-dead dress created by E-CLIPSE for black fair !! In my opinion and no offense to other participant creators is the “Highlight” item of the fair. So well made and sexy, fabulously made from the top to the feet, I wear it for two days now going around in sl !! Winks ❤ You need to try it and please let me know what you think  🙂 Not forget to mention the Monocle that helped me so much for my look and of course is made by Bauhaus Movement also one of the best creators of the grid at her section 🙂 Enjoy it and keep on smile ❤

running into the river

My pose is also by Bauhaus Movement _Breaking The Habit 28- can be found @ maintore 

Left Behind

Hello, my lovely fashionistas ❤

Have to be honest, the last round of Tres Chic was a blast! Unfortunately, with my limited time, I had to pick up one of my favorite items to show you off 🙂 I have chosen these lovely overalls with Tube top in black color made by Indented. Even my hairstyle is coming from September round of Tres Chic  🙂 More details? Just scroll below !! Smootches you and keep on smiling ❤

Snapshot_083 close

My style:

  • INDENTED: Monroe top and Overalls| Black
  • RAMA: Emily Hair

Both can be found at September round of Tres Chic ending on 10th of oct

  • DEETALEZ: Skin applier Maxille for catwa head @ main store
  • S.E.: Monamour eyes and lips catwa makeup @ mainstore
  • BAUHAUS MOVEMENT: Immortal Colar 1 / Gold & Anais | Headscarf @ main store
  • AVAWAY: Claire Bracelet @ mainstore
  • DAHLIA:  Bali – Septum Ring – A @ mainstore


Autumn Days

I totally mixing up items new and old because I can 😛 So many amazing goodies from many favorite designers. I had plans visiting  deciduous sim for my Autumn walk in the woods. I had to run over Uber to pick up this amazing and really comfy set of jeans with boots by Coco and the top is by Miss Chelsea. The best outfit for my autumn walk !! Smootches and keep on smiling ❤

autumn in the woods_004 test pic


  • MISS CHELSEA: Maia Top available @ Fameshed (New)
  • COCO:  Stretch Suede Boots + Jeans @ Uber(New)
  • DAHLIA: Abeille Necklace @ Fameshed  (New)
  • BAUHAUS MOVEMENT: Christine Hat @ mainstore
  • STEALTHIC: Fatal hair @ Kustom9 until 10th of October (New)


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Shape of you

Hello, my lovely Fashionistas !!!

Fall is almost here for the most of us and @ my RL the advertisements for gym packs are all over in media. Seen that I decided to create a style by picking up some of the really creative items from Sept round of Kustom9.

My hairstyle is by Monso and the whole messy style is matching perfectly the “after ‘” the workout look.

at the gym_003test picm

What I wear:

  • MOMO CHUU: Nicki Top
  • BUENO: Sweet Shorts _ Palm
  • VALE KOER: Aggro Stompers
  • KUNST: Dragonfly necklace & Dragonfly belly chain
  • MONSO: My Hair – Sohye

All can be found @ Kustom9 August round until 10th of October  (New)

  • NERIDO: Brea Bra -White
  • ELISE: Matilde – Rings Bento

All can be found @ Tres Chic until 10th of October (New)


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Always be you

Good evening my lovely fashionistas ❤

Today I was watching a TV show in rl that was about relationships. It was about a couple that a third person came between them ( not something we haven’t heard before). The third person was, of course, her BBF. When she had an accident and she was in the hospital for a quite long time, her partner and her friend came closer…She found out by accident, as most of the time happens, and we all know the result… end of the relationship. Time passed by and as we say, in your life, you always take what you give, he had ended his relationship with her BBF and he wanted to get back to her. She was smiling and she said, that this chapter of her life has closed down, she had suffered lots, but now she is ready to move on and meet someone new, after all, if you believe in yourself and who you really are, is a matter of time to find someone that will bring the sunshine in your life. If you believe in you and always be you, be sure that things in your life will get better in every aspect<3

Always be you

  • OSMIA: Sport line pants
  • AMITOMO: Outside gacha Jacket (RARE)
  • AMITOMO: Outside gacha hanging shoes

All can be found @ Kustom9 August round until 10th of October  (New)

  • TRUTH: Athena VIP sept group gift hair