You are safe❤

My sunshine doesn’t come from the skies,It comes from the Love, that’s in my dogs eyes

In these dificult times we all getting through, we should never forget our loyal friends and especially the ones that are on the street, alone. All these kind souls, that found themselves alone onthe empty and dangerous streets, waiting for a kind gesture, and some food. Be kind to them and be kind to yourselves ❤

What I am wearing today :

Seul has created a really cute and sexy dress that you may wear it, with a t-shirt or without! The HUD gives you the ability to choose among 12 different styles and colors of the t-shirt, PLUS you may change the color of the dress lace !! My boots, by Gos ( which i so adore) are metalic, also comes with a hud with changes options. Of course I am having with me my dogie, which is a prop pose made by Le Poppycock ❤


My pose by Le Poppycock| Puppy Therapy Dog

Thats all for today, happy shopping and don’t forget to smile and think positive ❤

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