A ride to nowhere

“When life is getting complicated .. I ride”, I think this quote says it all… How many times in our lives, we wanted to open the door and escape to nowhere.. Not sure how many of you, had this feeling but had happened to me lots of times. Feeling fresh air on your face and just driving away from everything that makes you drawn, even if this is for a couple of hours, makes lots of difference. I am the kind of person that I can not afford pressure for long, I can not breathe or live under pressure in my personal life. This is a long story, perhaps in time I share more, but for now, If you like my style scroll down for more details and always remember that you should never allow no one make you feel any less than you deserve ❤


  • MISS CHELSEA: Luce skirt and top available @ UBER  [NEW]
  • NAVY&COPPER: Macchiato hair  @Blush [NEW]
  • SORGO: Bay shades @ Arcade [NEW]
  • DRD: Scrappy scooter set- Orange @ UBER






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