All but desperate housewives

Hello my lovelies ❤

Hope all of you had a lovely weekend, I had one along with my sl besties. We dressed up and actually we wanted to try to record an sl video ( never had done this before). Instead, we ended up taking photos 😉 If you like our styling and need more info about just scroll down! Smootches and enjoy your week ❤

girls_001 having fun

What I wear :

  • SCANDALIZE: Nagia dress
  • SCANDALIZE: Nagia heels
  • PLASTIX: Feline Coat
  • NANIKA: Ksenia sunglasses white
  • SHANGAI: Brilac Necklace Diamond gold

In the middle:

  • ALEUTIA: Amira dress
  • MOWIE: “Georgia” sandals
  • SINCE1975: Smartwatch
  • NO.MATCH: No instance hairstyle
  • MEISU:  Petrichor Sunglasses

At the right:

  • AMERICAN BEAUTY: Parachute Trank pants
  • ECLIPSE DESIGN: Moon (Bra)
  • MOWIE:  “Parisa” Glasses
  • DELA: Bento Mesh Hair “Sadie”
  • AVENGE:  Balls Necklace

All can be found at Tres Chic until 10th of March [NEW]









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