Left Behind

Happy first of June my sweet sl Fashionistas ❤

Two days ago, as I was searching for a city look sim for my photo, I have found (accidentally) FxF Fussy sim. Is actually the home sim of Fox city poses, very lovely made for photography purposes also. As I was walking, discovering the whole hidden areas of the sim, I have ended up at some …steps .. that have amazing views to a lake. I sat down trying to get some rest… while all of the sudden,  a stranger approached me, stood in front of me and asked me if I was okay or needed any help! I thanked him and told him i was fine, just having a rest! , but his face expression was like feeling pity for me ..as like someone had “left me behind” on these steps…. So that was a short story for my today’s post, hope you like it!!


Left behind

What I am wearing:

  • MVD: Kimmie dress black normal available @ Tres Chic until 10th of June
  • BREATHE: Takara Wedges (Rare) available @ Arcade 
  • ICONIC: Morgana hair available now @ main store 
  • BAUHAUS MOVEMENT: Shattered Mind 28 Pose


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