Summer Mood

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Good Morning SL beautiful people !!!


I love love summer !!! Even if I have to melt under 40 plus degrees, I am a summer lover ❤ I wish i could live in a country that i will not have to put on the heating system while winter time !!! Anyway, the Kustom9 June round has everything one wants for summer holidays. When you have 40 degrees outside, you only having two solutions…. either spend all day at the beach or stay in the home with air condition ON ! You guess wich one I am preferring !! Winks to all of you .. see y ou at the beach ❤


What I wear:

  • Zenith : Summer Mufti dress No 3
  • Zenith : Summer Rattan Hat with Flower Begie
  • Zenith: Vintage Rattan Backpack (Rare)
  • Amala: The Robyn Stacking Rings
  • Mudskin: G.Yong 106 Freckles | Gacha play skin catwa bento applier

All can be found @ Kustom9 June round util 10th of July  (New)




Do you believe in angels…

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Hello, my SL Fashionistas !!

Really do you believe in Angels? Do you believe that there is one for you? I strongly do. I believe that we all have one angel protector, someone that really cares for us, love us, and care for us.  Sometimes we might not “see” it, but we feel it. Angel is someone that brings you calmness in your soul by his/ her aura. I strongly believe and for me my protector angel is my dad..  He might not be with my physically anymore, but he is always around me, every time… ❤

Snapshot_091a copy1

What I wear:

  • Seul: Ruffle play top | Blanc
  • Phedora: Sadystika Panties & Suspender
  • C L A Vv: Choker B | My Edgy Look
  • Mudskin: G.Yong 106 Freckles | Gacha play skin catwa bento applier

All can be found @ Kustom9 June round util 10th of July  (New)

  • Gizza: Posh Bodysuit Wings | White
  • Dela: Thira Hair
  • Nanika: Gaia Tatoo white

Both can be found at Tres Chic, Grecian June round until 10th of July  (New)

  • Dahlia: Sera – Shell Necklace
  • Lode:  Head Accessory – Philadelphus Wreath | White- Gacha
  • Studio Exposure: Lipglossy red rain @ Cosmetic Fair

Decor :

  • Attic:  Bed Ballons ( rare) | Floating Dreams Gacha
  • Attic:  Floating Couch Balloons  | Floating Dreams Gacha

Can be found @ Kustom9 June round util 10th of July  (New)




Beach day

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Hello, my lovely Fashionistas !!!

Today I had my first visit at the beach !! As it is still early season, was not crowded. and that was what I had enjoyed the most !! The new summer event ”  Knot&co” was build but putting so much effort into the detail. I think is one of the “MUST” to go places for this summer. I had the chance meeting there a few ladies that are part of this summer event and after some time, I had some relaxed and lovely chat with them. Was lovely meeting you all once again !!!  For more details about my styling check below. Smootches to all ❤


Snapshot_042 copyaa copy1


  • Miss Chelsea: Mili Bikini Top Silver  available @   Fameshed      (New)    
  • Eaters Coma:  Side Snap Pants @   main store  (New)       
  • Beusy:  Dial Tone Ponytail Gacha @ Kustom9 till 10th of June (New)
  • Dahlia:  Sarin – Earring  @    TCF (New)
  • Mulloy: Jopa Glasses @ main store

My makeup is by Studio Exposure | Retro Pop 60’s | Catwa  available @ the main store

(Amazing colors so realistic makeup, must have)

  • Brocante: Beach Cruiser Gacha | Yellow Bike @ Arcade




Left Behind

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Happy first of June my sweet sl Fashionistas ❤

Two days ago, as I was searching for a city look sim for my photo, I have found (accidentally) FxF Fussy sim. Is actually the home sim of Fox city poses, very lovely made for photography purposes also. As I was walking, discovering the whole hidden areas of the sim, I have ended up at some …steps .. that have amazing views to a lake. I sat down trying to get some rest… while all of the sudden,  a stranger approached me, stood in front of me and asked me if I was okay or needed any help! I thanked him and told him i was fine, just having a rest! , but his face expression was like feeling pity for me like someone had “left me behind” on these steps…. So that was a short story for my today’s post, hope you like it!!


Left behind

What I am wearing:

  • MVD: Kimmie dress black normal available @ Tres Chic until 10th of June
  • BREATHE: Takara Wedges (Rare) available @ Arcade 
  • ICONIC: Morgana hair available now @ main store 
  • BAUHAUS MOVEMENT: Shattered Mind 28 Pose