Ice Cream

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Happy Friday my Fashionistas !!

A perfect end of the week day!!! I had a really relaxing day and the only thing missing to complete my leisure was a Strawberry – Vanilla ice cream. While I was a kid I remember myself waiting patiently for summer to come, in order my mother allow me to eat ice cream. I was opening my eyes wide and I was jumping up and down when I was able to do it, so for me is always a special time when I am eating one, even after so many years  🙂

If you need one poke me  😛

Smootches you all ❤


What I wear:

  • Foxy: Grind Hair Brown
  • Evani: Molly Jeans
  • Friday: Freya Sandals
  • E Marie: Ice Cream Cone  (Gacha)

All can be found @ Kustom9 until 10th of June (New)

  • Aleutia: Marita Top ( comes with color changing hud) @Tres Chic until 10th of June (New)
  • West End: UNwind poses relaxing with pillows @ Lost & Found  (New)

Deco :

  • Haikei: The Way I Feel_Gacha No4
  • Tentacio: Street food| Take away bag Gacha

All can be found @ Kustom9 until 10th of June (New)




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Hello, Beautiful people!

Today I was in a cleaning mood, as summer is almost here and it was in need of some “fresh” air. As i was going through tons and tons of useless items,  I have discovered my senior year school book … I sat down on my front porch and got through every single page of it.   Scattered pictures, cute notices, promises, wishes, first loves …innocent dreams…Memories .. precious…. Wondering if I would ever be wanted to change anything from back then… Who knows…. I only know that I laughed and cried for many different reasons …

Never regret anything that had happened, cause everything happens for a reason !!

Smootches to all ❤


What I wear:

  • Amitomo: Hair | Sweet Thing Gacha – Rare
  • Amitomo: A Feel of Spring Gacha |Sorts
  • Vincue & Momento : Evie | Top – RARE
  • Kibitz: Adelie rings -|silver
  • Pewpew: Handwritten Letters & Pen
  • Pewpew: Thought Polas

All can be found at May round of Kustom 9 till 10th of June (New)

  • Lisole: Skin applier pearl
  • Lisole: Lipstick The senses | Passion
  • Vexiin: Kitty Diamond Earrings (14k)

All can be found @ Tres Chic Birthday round till 10th of June  (New)

Deco details:

  • Serenity Style:– Counting Waves Bungalow ( Gacha)RARE
  • Serenity Style– Counting Waves Pot ( Gacha)

Both @ Birthday round of Tres Chic

  • Serenity Style: Emma Antique Doll- Pink @  The Crossroads 
  • what next: Pothos Plant (small)
  • what next: House Plant – Agave
  • what next: House Plant – Agave (stand)
  • what next: House Plant – Eucalyptus (stand)
  • what next: House Plant – Rubber Tree

All the pants can be found at the main store



Two days ago as I was trying to put an order in my so messy inventory,  and I discovered this Megaphone… Not even sure how or from where I got it.  What’s the point …  I am running in sl grid with it.. .. Again for not specific reason .. so here is a photo with me holding it   😛 Winks and smootchessssss


What I wear:

  • Vale Koer: Grasscourt tanktop (pink)
  • Vale Koer: Grasscourt bag (pink)
  • Monso: My hair _Twobi

All can be found at Kustom9 May round until 10th of May

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Hello, my sweet sl Fashionistas !!

Once again  I went to visit the Flux Sur Mer once again.. or twice lol. To be honest, I was searching for a nice beach sim where I could roller skate, along with the beach, but once I went at Flux,  I stopped searching 😛 I really like the ambiance and the style of this sim, is really photogenic. Is definitely one of my faves. ❤


What I am wearing:

  • Zenith: Summer wear _rose (Gacha)
  • Zenith: Meow Backpack _ Camel

Available at Kustom9 May round till 10th of June (New)

  • Beusy: 199X Mesh Hair (Specials) available @ Rewind 
  • N-Core: Skates “Retro”| Can be changed also to ice skates via HUD @ main store
  •  Bauhaus Movement: Pose  Music To Piss You OFF! 05 @ Main store

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Spread your wings and fly.. Butterfly

Hello, my Fashionistas 🙂

Today my post is mostly about TCF birthday round.  This month TCF  turns 4!! So it around 140 designers over there plus gifts! One of my favorite items at this round is by Jinx. Jinx comes with a gacha called “Le Jardin”, is really perfect set for your garden as it comes also with a small pond 🙂  Was a wonderful surprise as I was laying and staring at the golden fishes at the pond when I  got visited by a group of colorful butterflies 🙂 Made once again my day ❤

What I am wearing:

  • N-Uno: Ava Shorts No 4 Gacha (New)
  • Breathe: Mimi Flats | Gacha play 50 l   (New)

Deco :

  • Jinx: House Le Jardin Rare
  • Jinx: Hanging bed Le Jardin Rare
  • Jinx: Pond
  • Jinx: House Le Jardin Rare
  • Jinx: Water Plants Le Jardin Rare

All can be found at the birthday round of TCF   (New)

  • Anc: picnic / swallow tailed butterfly @ main store
  • West End:  Pose with Butterfly Cluster  prop @ Swank 

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